Payment plan

Individual payment plans with 0% interest

Depending on the developer, property, project, down payment amount and completion date, we can offer you different and individual payment plans directly from the developer. In concrete terms, this means that you do not have to pay the entire purchase price immediately, but can pay the rest in convenient installments after making the down payment (usually between 30-50%) - interest-free over the entire term and without cumbersome checks on your creditworthiness.


Purchase amount Down payment (in percent) Deposit (in Euro) Runtime Monthly rate
100.000 Euro
30.000 Euro
24 months
2.916 Euro

We will be happy to calculate a suitable payment plan for you
Please use our convenient call-back service and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Your purchase is free of commission.
All prices are plus 5% VAT, connection costs and 0.5% stamp duty (transfer of ownership) once.

We invite you to North Cyprus

Take advantage now of our invitation program incl. payback function and the opportunity to visit your dream property on site, to get to know projects and developers and to experience Cyprus in all its splendor and beauty in person